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This Money Method Has Made Me Over $1000 THIS WEEK On Red Dead Redemption 2 Online (RDR2 Online)

today I have got another money method that I’ve been using in Red Dead online I’ve been using this quite a few times this week just because I’ve been waiting for so many different free roam opens and I decided it’s go and find a new money method to go and use to try and make myself as much money as possible and I ended up getting about a grand worth this week which is very very good for me considering I haven’t done a massive amount of money methods for myself like I would go into it go and do a bit of money methods and then I would make maybe 100 200 dollars record that as a video and then show you guys and then that was me done with a money method where is this one I spent a long time doing this money method just because I was waiting for some free roam events and I did manage to go and get myself a lot of money but where you want to start is all the way over in Blackwater from Blackwater there is a butcher’s in Blackwater so that is one good thing about this but there is also some different animals around this location that you can go and get which sell for a decent amount of money the first location that we’re going to be coming to is this one and here is where you can go and get a herd of Bisons and when you are going into this I always carry my bolt action rifle I tried to go for head shots not all the time I am successful but most of the time I do go and get say three four maybe five if I’m lucky I will get five Bisons but I try and get as many kills as possible and from that what I’ll do is just go and skin those bisons what you’ll get from a bison after skin and it is you’ll get a hide as well as its meat and most of time if you can get a perfect bison you will get five meats which means all you need to do is get four perfect Bisons and you can have a full satchel of its meats and those go for a decent amount of money so that is what you want to stock up on what I’ll do if I come across 5 Bisons and one of them happens to be perfect hide I’ll store that on the back of my horse but I will swap that out for another animal which then brings us to the next method so if you go to this location which is less than 30 seconds away from where we’ve got the Bison sometimes not every time this is why I told you to go put the bison hide on the back of your horse but sometimes in this location you can go and get yourself a cougar and from that if you can go get a headshot you get that at perfect quality headshot equals perfect quality use a bolt-action rifle killing that you will be able to go get 15 dollars if you go on Skin it store the meats in your satchel you then go and put the hide on the back of your horse and also the carcass and the carcass will be swapping out for the bison hide because the carcass goes for more than what the Bison hide does this cougar location used to be very big back in the day when it was first discovered because it was so close to Blackwater and Cougars used to go for $23 at the time this was a perfect location to go hunting but since then Cougars have been nerfed that don’t go before as much as what they used to do and also not every time this cougar will spawn into this location I find that Cougars spawn the best that night seems like Cougars are always laying down and night time and every time I go to this location at nighttime I do find myself a cougar but during the day not every time I see it so if you’re doing at night time definitely go over that you’re doing that day time you might just want to skip this bit completely because not going every time it spawns and then just go over to the next location the next location is here and not every time people come over here so you should be the only person fishing in this spot but what most people don’t know is that you can go and get yourself a lot of steelhead trout at this location and if you don’t know about fishing steelhead trout go for $which means if you can go and get a full satchel of these fish you’ll be making yourself $25 $25 on top of the fact that you’re still gonna go and get other fish will still get pickerel you’re still gonna get rock bass you’ll still go and get bluegill rock bass pickerel those go for $1 each and then bluegill those go for 75 cents so you still making a decent amount of money in this location what you want to do is probably spend about 10 15 maybe even 20 minutes and try to just go and get a full satchel of steelhead trout in this location if you pick up other fish that it’s fine store them in your satchel but as soon as you get 10 steelhead trout that is when I ditch this location and go all the way back to the butcher to go and sell everything if you can go get all the meat from the Bison if you can get the Cougar as well and then go and get ten steelhead trout which shouldn’t take you too long like I said 10 15 maybe 20 minutes you should be able to go and make yourself about $70 and this method because it is so close to blackwater and each method is so close to one another it does not take you too long to go through it the the fishing one is a bit of a variable it depends on whether or not you have those steelhead trout it depends the rules that you sell for yourself like I said I would set out a rule for myself to go and get a full satchel of steelhead trout if you are something that just sets out the rule of I just want to be here for five or ten minutes then stick to that but that means you’ll be making a different amount of money not every time you’ll be able to go and get that many steelhead trouts sometimes you’ll probably get more pickerel than you will get steelhead trout so that is just something to bare in mind personally though I would definitely stay there until you go and get ten steelhead trout and it does not take too long like I said only 10 or 15 minutes and then head back all the way to the butcher as soon as you sell everything and the butcher and then just go straight back through this route again if you do go over to get a cougar and there doesn’t seem to be a cougar spawning in go elsewhere just go and hunt round blackwater go full of different deers go for a different pronghorn bucks just kill them store them in your satchel and then also store the hides in the back of your horse just see that you’re making some money spend about 5 maybe 10 minutes hunting just Round Blackwater if there isn’t a cougar if there is a cougar killed a cougar and then just go straight to the next location if you come across any other animal as well as doing this route kill them kill the birds just make sure everything that you come across is killed and then just store the feathers store the meats

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