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For Successful Traffic Generation Any Old List Just Won’t Do

It goes without saying – or it should go without saying – that if your offer has no visitors your bank account gets no financial refreshment. If nobody sees your marketing message it plain don’t matter how good your copy is. And that old worn out cliché, “If you build it, they will come?” Well, that one maybe worked in the ancient history of the internet – you know, back in the 1980s and 90s? – but it just ain’t so today. If you want eyeballs visiting your website today you have to develop your skills of Traffic Generation. Here’s another statement that I’m sure you’ve heard, “The money is in the list.” That is truth – in a way – it’s just not the whole truth.

The fact is that the money here depends on the contents of the list. If the names in that list are not targeted names you’re not likely to make many sales by marketing to that list. And by targeted I mean people who actually have an interest in buying products related to the niche you’re marketing in. If those people only care about getting supplies for drawing butterflies your email message about your book, “How To Pitch A Curve Ball” ain’t gonna even get opened. So you gotta find out where the ball players hang out, and then find a way to get hold of their contact information.

Or just forget about the whole thing. Once you know where they are the best way to get those targeted visitors to your offer, and it’s also the fastest way to find out if your offer converts into sales, is to buy traffic. Thing is you don’t want to pay for all your traffic. You want to get as much inexpensive (or organic) traffic as possible to maximize your earnings. So just how do you get that low cost (or even free) traffic to come running to see what your product is all about? There are dozens of techniques you can use to get low cost traffic. Let me be clear that when I say free, or low cost, I mean in the financial form. You don’t have to pay out any, or very much, money for these methods (although you can if you find one that works well and want to scale it up), but you’ll still have to spend your time – and your time sometimes becomes more valuable than money.

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