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7 Ways Of Making Money From Your Home Online – How To Make Money Online

Getting Rich is not a thing that
happens overnight it is a thing that happens with hard work a lot of passion
right so in this video I will give you top seven ways to make money at your
home with your comfort so let’s get started its number one way that you can
make money at your home is digital marketing so you can do digital
marketing on Facebook ads and you YouTube video ads and things like that
and the thing is most of the people around the world make $100,000 and
six-figure business and seven-figure business with digital marketing agency
so you can start small and you can just make some big things number two method
of making money and your own is drops away it’s like this you buy from and you
get used to this code of thirty to forty percent and you buy that and put it in
your your warehouse and then you sell it in your own website like building your
own website with Shopify or selling it on Amazon and even so if you do like
this that you are making total maybe 30 to 40 percent of profit so this profit
you can build and maybe you can also build a huge amount with this process
the number three method of making money at your home is affiliate marketing you
might have heard about this acronym affiliate marketing it’s like this you
bring the maybe a businessman or entrepreneur some customers and you get
some 10% or 50% Commission of the problem
let’s say I am selling you maybe I am selling laptop in Amazon okay and now
mark the price of that laptop in Amazon is $1000 now if you bring some customers
through maybe your network and your followers like that and you make 10% to
15% Commission of it let’s say you brought to customers a party then you
are making $100 $200 a day so that is a good amount to start with right if you
don’t have money to start your business and that’s the thing you can choose to
start your own business number 4 way of making money at your home is membership
website have you heard about this term called subscription please comment down
below if yes how many of you have taken subscription of Netflix and magazines
Lord may be right so how this magazines and net this Netflix makes money is
creating this membership website right if you can also build off some idea and
create some membership website that you in charge in monthly basis or maybe
early basis then you are making quite decent recurring type of amount let’s
say you have opened your hosting site then you are making them pay you monthly
or yearly or quarterly or semi-annually like that right so you are making quite
a decent amount in recurring model and this recurring model doesn’t stops the
fifth way of making money online at your home is Adsense you might have about
Adsense Adsense is an ad provider site so they provide the connection with big
companies and your website and they integrated and yeah the amount
is not that high but it’s good to start with if you have a website if you have a
Rio Tube channel and you can integrate Adsense to it to make quite side hustle
or income like site handsome the sixth way of making money online at your home
is funnel I mean to say that if you are master in any skill let’s say you are
master in playing guitar and you can teach others online who don’t know and
who want to learn about learning how to play guitar and you also can make them
your student and your mentee right there are lots of platforms that provide you
the opportunity to get connected with learners and you be the children like to
to calm and you can find all students on Fiverr calm you can sell your course on
skills here you can set your course on udemy and things like that
but you have to be good at making your content and your content should be
engaging so that those platforms will suggest your videos to their students
and the number seven this is the last but not the list way of making money at
your home at your comfort is ebook do you have passion of riding if yes then
congratulation you can follow this fourth method you can follow this method
you can create your ebook you can write what you know
you can write what you know about many things like if you know about playing
guitar then you can write book on how you can play guitar if you know how to
program or how to write Python programming then you can also write a
book on Python programming things like that if you are good at anything you can
write book and you can also sell it on Amazon you can
sell it on eBay and things like that so if you follow these seven methods of
making money this can build a quite good amount to start your own business
so how please comment down below how many of you have already started your
business and how many of you are wanting to start your business now I will see
you in the next one

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