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Make money online using technology – Make money beginners – J.R. Fisher

hey everybody jr. Fisher here good
Thursday afternoon or at least it’s afternoon here on the west coast it may
be a little earlier excuse me later on the East Coast about three hours I just
want to jump in real quick and talk to you about some technology you know this
this kind of came about I want to tell your story first and then I’m gonna tell
you how you can win with technology okay but it all came about I was in a group
the other day and there’s something kind of new on YouTube and I did a video on
it and the kind of new thing was that you can now put hashtags on YouTube you
can actually put them down in the description and when you do this is
really super cool guys it throws them on top of your title in the YouTube video
so it gives you that little extra first it gives you a whole extra line I guess
you could also put them in the headline but if you put them in the headline
you’re using up some of your space there and you don’t want to do that but anyhow
it puts them up at the top so I thought this is super cool because people can
actually search by hashtag and I put a couple of my videos in and did it on
there and they instantly came up and I thought wow that’s pretty cool I got to
share this and you think everybody would be happy wouldn’t you you’d think
everybody would be thrilled but no there’s always a guy and the guy says
you know what I was thinking about this and it may work but I wonder how many
people are really gonna search hashtags on YouTube what if they really do it it
may be a waste of time and I kind of laughed because I thought to myself no
matter what I did reply to him I said you know it may or may not work I don’t
know well actually it is working on my videos but you know it’s kind of like
who would have thought that you’d be buying groceries in couches from Amazon
when they were a bookseller and that’s that’s where this technology
thing comes about guys because you can’t imagine
because you don’t think it’s gonna work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to do it
right I mean there’s there’s some super cool technology out there and I promise
you some of it will not work but you know what I also promise you that some
of it will work and if you try a lot of things you’re gonna have a lot of
success and I’m thinking about a lot of people out here now who you know are
famous and I’m thinking of people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and Elon Musk
you know all of those guys were innovators all of those guys did things
that most people thought would never work there’s a there’s a famous quote
from Henry Ford who started the Ford company of course and he changed the
early course of the nation in the world with automobiles and he said if I had
asked people what they wanted they would have told me faster horses right so they
couldn’t even imagine what was in his head and what was going on and I’m not
saying you got to go out and change the world and create things I’m saying
embrace some of the new stuff that’s out there give it a shot
now you can’t try everything and I suggest you investigate it and I did you
know this little hashtag trick I looked around you know on YouTube but I found
more people doing it and I saw that it was working I’m like well heck why not
give it a try and of course it is working and that’s a pretty cool thing
now if you think that you’re going to avoid a failure by not trying things all
you’re gonna do is avoid success I promise you you you know failure is just
that’s just part of it that’s where it comes from and I’ve taken some notes
here so I may look down a little bit but you know this guy named Elon Musk you’ve
heard of him right let me tell you a few things that Elon must’ve he
unsuccessfully tried to get a job at Netscape in 1995 they said no we don’t
want you ok a Netscape was around then I don’t think they’re around now in 1996
he was kicked out as CEO of his own company in a company called zip2 they
kicked him out they said now you’re not you know no good
the first PayPal which is what he started first PayPal product was voted
as one of the 10 worst business ideas ever in 1999 that’s what they said about
PayPal well look where that’s gone now he made a little bit of money and in
1999 he bought himself a nice McLaren f1 worth a million dollars and then went
out and totaled the car okay so this is this is his route right now
he was also kicked out from PayPal while on honeymoon in 2000
so he kind of had it tough he almost died of cerebral malaria in 2000 but he
had a sense of humor about it you know what he did
he says vacations can kill you so in 2001 the Russians he went to Russia
because he wanted to become this rocket guy right Russia refused to sell him
rockets to send mice right or plants to Mars that’s what he want to do they
thought he was insane they said we’re not going to do that mm – the Russians
turned him down again and said in their words young boy no he started a company
called SpaceX just after that now in 2006 he said well he had it made he
started this rocket coming everything went smooth everything went fine now the
first-ever rocket launch was an explosion in 2006 it just it just blew
up in 2007 then we said well I’m gonna try again in 2007 the second rocket
launch he did also exploded it blew up too okay
2008 he did his third rocket launch and this time of course what happened
he got NASA to put their stuff on it and it exploded also okay critical failure
December 2000 of 8 right both Tesla and SpaceX were on the brink of bankruptcy
he had started those companies but they weren’t doing well and then he had his
first rocket failure while landing in the ocean in 2013 so he didn’t get that
way right either Tesla Model S has several problems and had a spontaneous
battery combustion in 2014 he kept going the fourth rocket explosion
at launch second and third explosions when landing on a drone ship were in
2015 okay so that’s that’s his success so far Model X delivers delay excuse me
model X in 2016 had delivery delays of 18 months didn’t seem to faze him 2016
his fifth rocket explosion at launch with Facebook satellites for for Africa
arm board was worth 300 million dollars and they went up in smoke they said they
couldn’t rule out that the explosion wasn’t caused Elan musk by a UFO the
fourth fifth and six critical failures while landing on a drone ship happened
in 2016 now okay after going through that at the end of all this Elon must
master the art of failing successfully his net worth is now fourteen point
eight billion dollars so I asked you if you think that you can avoid failure by
not trying things all you’re doing is avoiding success because that’s that’s
what that’s what it’s all about right I mean I can’t count how many products how
many funnels how many emails how many sales letters didn’t work but I can also
count a bunch that did and when I count those they way outweigh the other ones
and the one thing I think that really has helped me is embracing technology
right now we use something called car try and I’ll put a link in there but
Karcher is amazing because it does my funnels it does my you know list it does
emails it does landing pages it does video it does all this stuff for less
than all these other software’s I was paying I was paying for eight of them as
a matter of fact and I will put a link in later on and on how you can actually
get this software for $1 which is pretty cheap you know so you know I promise you
you’re gonna have some failures that’s just the way it is you know the thing is
if you don’t do this you’re gonna wonder over and over if things work and I did a
video the other day on ideas and ideas don’t really mean a whole lot but I will
put this in front of you if I told you that you could not fail it
would be impossible what would you
what would you try and I bet it would be a lot of different things so here’s my
suggestion to you kind of get that in your head you know that that failure
thing is just part of it you got to get it out of the way you’re gonna have a
lot of them and they don’t stop you know it’s not like you get to a certain point
in your life you go well I’ve already done my failures everything’s gonna be
cool from here on it’s not gonna be that’s just the way it is but the cool
thing is you get some successes too and I’m gonna read a quote to you real quick
before I get out of here Winston Churchill I thought I thought this was
amazing so I wrote it down he says success consists of going from
failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm mm-hmm except to think about
it are you still enthusiastic do you still
wanna try things I hope so because if you just sit back and wait to the bitter
end that ain’t no fun no fun at all so you
know get out there try some of these things embrace some of these
technologies some of you don’t have a product to sell so what I did in the
link is a book I wrote you can grab it really cheap I think it’s like five
dollars or something like that but if you click on that link it’s a book and I
mean this is like 40 pages you could read this in the afternoon and it will
tell you four steps to finding profitable and popular products to sell
online so go grab that book it’s a really good book there’s also an audio
version you know if you want to get the audio version you can do that you drive
down the street and you know to and from work in a day and you’re gonna already
know all that information you can zoom it out there and make some money

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